Instituto Positivo

Instituto Positivo was founded in 2012 to potentiate the actions of corporate social responsibility and Positive educational units. Its official launch, held on September 28, 2010, is connected to the commemorations of the 40th anniversary of the Group.

Aligned with Grupo Positivo values - knowledge, ethics, work and progress - Instituto Positivo has the objective to contribute further to the development of the communities in which Positivo acts, together with its units, employees, students and allies.

Crianças Estudando
Instituto Positivo will act on two fronts:

Social Responsibility Management Group
The Group companies conduct business continuously seeking development of social responsibility practices, which facilitate the development of products, services, policies and relationships.
Positivo Institute has a mobilizer, inductor, educator and influencer role of social responsibility practices within Grupo Positivo.

Private Social Investment Management
Instituto Positivo addresses social investment in three areas: education, environment and social mobility.
In line with the main aim of the Group, Instituto Positivo will act on projects for education critically, since it understands that educating means adding knowledge to people and promoting experiences to become social actors and have autonomy to build, preserve, cooperate and multiply.

"Instituto Positivo was founded with the goal of making our values ​​tangible and generating greater synergy in educational, social and environmental activities existing in the group. It is a source of great pride to complete 40 years and add this contribution to society." Hélio Bruck Rotenberg, Chairman of Instituto Positivo