Universidade Positivo

In 2010, Universidade Positivo celebrated 24 years of existence. In these more than two decades, the institution, which was born as Colégio Positivo, expanded very significantly: from five Graduate careers, it began to offer 48 Senior Careers (28 High School and Bachelor careers and 20 Technological Senior Courses). In the area of ​​Graduate Studies, it had two Specialties and a Master in 1988, now it has dozens of courses of Specialization and MBA, four Masters and two Doctorates. The institution still promotes hundreds of Extension programs.

Universidade Positivo

In 1998, ten years after its founding, the Faculdades Positivo were transformed into the Centro Universitário Positivo, offering 18 Graduation careers. In 2000, the institution transferred its campus to a specially designed and built area of 410,000 m², in Campo Comprido neighborhood, Curitiba, providing academic comfort and compliance, as professional performance or charitable incentives for the communities in the region. In 2008, the Ministry of Education authorized the transformation of the  Centro Universitário Positivo (UnicenP) into University. 

"Universidade Positivo has great importance in my professional and academic path. As a student and collaborator, I found here a challenging environment for the development of skills, stimulating for the acquisition of new knowledge and open to new possibilities and technologies, with constant focus on human development. For ten years I accompanied the evolution of the group; lived many success stories and I think many are yet to come!" Dâmaris Souza De Cristo – Supervisor, Career Center of Universidade Positivo




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